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1.How do you make money?
Its very simple you create a web page do to with your niche then create some good content within your web page to drive traffic. Pick the affiliate programs you want to promote obviously you want the best products so your customers are satisfied.Your page visitor's click your affiliate links purchase the product then you get a commission. The good thing about this is the 80-90% commission rates. Programs this high have high payouts due to their products selling fast and because their product comes.

2. Start up costs.
You won't need to invest thousands of dollars into buying products and you will avoid start-up costs like most business to run your online affiliate marketing business. The only think you will need to pay for is TRAINING.

3. Things you will need.
All you will need to start an online business as an affiliate marketer is training you will DEFENATLY need to pay for some sort of training to succeed as an affiliate marketer. You will also need a webpage/domain name I use blue host and ehost   Click for details. For online affiliate, marketing courses Click here.

4. Getting started.
First, of we need to come up with a niche. The best way to come up with a niche is to make a list of 20 then research other web pages to do with your niche to get an idea of your competition. The lower the competition the quicker your web page will rank in google bing etc. Ranking plays the main role in driving traffic to your web page unless you pay for PPC the more traffic the more customers.

Now once you come up with your niche the fun begins so now we need to create a web page Click  to get started. Once you purchase a plan start off by creating the theme colors and fonts. Our website is the foundation of our business so build it strongly if you don't want it to crumble. Also, our content will need to have value. Content is KING the heart of your business. Now creating content can be difficult and requires most of your time to create. After a week or two, you will soon get the hang of it also uploading video content to engaged with your audience is also a good thing to learn. The courses I have links to will help you with everything you need to succeed. 

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